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2010 Recap Part 2: Personal Favorites

Day 2 of the New Year and here I am with another post!  2 posts yesterday and another today, I'm on a roll :).  Woo hoo!  And, since yesterday's posts I realized that I have 1 new blogger and 1 new Google Reader subscriber (or could be the same person for all I know).  Either way, welcome new readers!  And, welcome back to my loyal readers, too!

You know what else has happened since yesterday?  I made a quiche! (and it was so very delicious - recipe and pictures to come.)  Check that one off of the 23 things to make in 2011.  Man, I'm on fire!

Okay so yesterday in Part 1 of my 2010 Recap we reviewed your favorites.  While I agree that those were great picks there are some other gems on this blog that I love and also feel deserve their time in the spotlight, too.  Now, a lot of blogs that I follow break it down by favorite posted each month but as I look at the history I realized some months I literally posted ONE TIME (d'oh!) and I don't know that they're necessarily worthy of a "best of" tag.  What's also sad is the fact that some of the favorite things I made this year I realized I didn't even blog about yet...a true tragedy and disservice to my readers!  (No worries, this just means they'll go in the 2011 Recap!).  So instead, I'll compromise and just go with Top 12 over the whole year.  It's a tough job to narrow them down but someone's got to do it.

January: Baked Sausage Ziti

Photo credit: The Piggly Wiggly

It's a bit labor intensive with its two sauces but for the flavor it is totally worth it and your guests will thank you.  I think my sister and her friends who ate this for their Junior Prom dinner would definitely agree.  Those boys were eating Tums afterward like they were candy...I might be a little heavy handed on my red pepper.  My bad.  By the way, the fresh mozzerella melts so much better than that pre-shredded stuff so definitely don't scrimp there.

February: Grandma B's Chicken a la King

This is Chris' favorite meal of all time so I can't let this blog entry pass without putting it in the best of recap.  His grandma used to make it for him and then his mom and now me (with my slightly tweaked version to help thicken the gravy more).

February Part Deux:  Ham, Cheese, and Green Pepper Pretzel Bites

There's something about bite-sized treats that make them extra irresistable.  I served these with a homemade honey mustard dipping sauce and my family gobbled them right up.  This post is also special because it marked my 100th one!

February Part Trois: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Everytime I make these things it makes people go gaga over them.  Perhaps it is the bite-sized nature of them that we talked about above?  Chris practically begs me to make them and many ladies at the Cincinnati Nest/Bump Cookie Exchange this year felt they were the best of the bunch which was quite flattering.  The best part?  They're eggless.  Cookie dough lovers rejoice and have no fear of samonella!

March: Peanut Butter-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Do I really need to explain this one because the title really says it all.  Three classically delicious cookies rolled into one and it has stolen my heart.

April: Berry Buttermilk Cake

I know it doesn't look like much in this picture but this one was so good that I made it two weeks in a row.  And, my co-worker Beth told me she made it about five times.  Bonus: Great way to use up the ubiquitous leftover buttermilk!  (Psst, need more leftover buttermilk recipe ideas?  Checkout my buttermilk tag.)

June: Firecracker Shrimp

Why I only made this once I am not sure.  This was so easy and so delicious!  Can't wait for grilling season to begin again.  Either that or I'm about to invest in a cast iron grill pan...

July: Fajitas

If you need to add a good fajita recipe to your arsenal look no further than this one.  Hasta la vista Don Pablo's (or [insert the name of your favorite local Mexican restaurant here]).

July Part Deux: Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Coffee Cake

A contender for my favorite coffee cake of all time.  (The other one would be one that my Mom used to make called Walnut Wonder Cake...mmm).

October: Who Loves Ya Babyback?

First - whoa did you see that jump from July to October?  I call that the lost quarter of blogging.  Sorry about that...

Back to this recipe.  Not your standard ribs slathered in BBQ sauce nor a dry rub.  It's something even more impressive and delicious.  Better yet, it's easier than I imagined ribs could be.

December: Island Spice Pork (Tender)loin

Add this to your "good enough for compnay" list.  Bursting with flavor like you've been slaving in the kitchen all day but only you'll know how simple it truly is to prepare.

December Part Deux: Linguine with Clam Sauce

Maybe it's just because this is one of the last things of 2010 that I made or it could be the fact that this was so simple to make.  I will for sure be making this lots in the future and sorry Maggiano's but this is yet one more thing that I can now make at home.

Alright so technically we're done reviewing 12 Personal Favorites from 2010.  But, because I love my readers so much I'm throwing in a couple bonuses.  One to represent each of the men in my life.

Chris' Pick - Peanut Butter-Fudge Cheesecake

No big surprise that this is his favorite dish from 2010.  And this is exactly why I chose this recipe for his birthday.  Chris has requested that this be his birthday cake each and every year from here on out.

Toby's Pick - Chicken and Cheddar Dog Treats

OK so Toby didn't *really* pick this recipe but it is the only one that I posted in 2010 that was especially for him and I think this picture is just precious.  Say it with me now...awwww!  This year maybe I'll make him more treats.  Anyone have any good dog-friendly recipes to share?

And that's a wrap.  Over and out!

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