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Hi!  Thanks for stopping by and visiting my little blog.  In case it wasn't already obvious, my name is Christine.  By day, I create magic in the lab of a large consumer goods company as an engineer but by night and on weekends, the kitchen is my work space.  

My exposure to good cooking goes wayyy back into my family history.  I come from a family of Chinese immigrants who were restaurant entrepreneurs.   Their food was so good that it won awards at the longest culinary festival in the United States, the Taste of Cincinnati.  As my family would leave old restaurants to open new ones, they'd have customers thrusting their personal phone numbers in their faces asking them to please call them and let them know where  their next venture would be.  Needless to say, they had quite a following!

The pressure was really on and for the longest time, I was the black sheep of the family because I had no clue how to cook.  I'd go to family pot lucks empty handed and people would ask me when I'd learn to cook.  It was embarrassing!  And so my personal cooking chronicles started in college.  It was a necessity...eat or die (or go out to restaurants all the time and be fat and broke!).  Now, I've cultivated it into a hobby and a joy.  My family looks forward to and admires the dishes that I now contribute to our pot lucks.  They even ask me for the recipes!  I still consider myself an amateur and know I have lots of room to grown (especially with my photo taking skills).  But, I just remember that experimentation can be fun (or I wouldn't do it for my day job, too!) and practice makes perfect.

Besides cooking, I value spending time with my husband Chris (awww yes, Chris and Christine!), my newborn son Alexander, and dog Toby.  

My fur child, Toby, with his homemade treats!

In the Summer of 2012, I became 1 in 4 women that will experience a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss as I experienced an early missed miscarriage.  On October 15th, I came out to the world with our story.  You can read about our angel here.  

On August 19, 2013 we were blessed with the birth of our son Alexander.  He was nearly 2 weeks late coming out but every time I see him I think how it was worth every bit of waiting.  I mean look at that little milk drunk smile!  How can it not melt your heart?! 

Pre-baby Chris and I enjoyed traveling the world together (I've conquered all continents except Africa now!) and I burn off my extra calories by doing Jazzercise 4-5 times per week.  What?  You thought all this delicious food that I post on my blog was calorie-free??  Last but not least, sometimes, I even dabble in a little bit of creative painting.

Feel free to E-mail me with questions, comments, and suggestions!  I love hearing from my fans because you are what motivate me to keep this up!


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