Friday, January 15, 2010

Printer-Friendly Versions of Recipes!

Get excited because printer-friendly versions of recipes are being added to the blog! 

I realized that sometimes I have a tendency to ramble and sadly you probably don't at all care about my witty dialog.  You are here, after all, for the recipes.  So, please look for the links beneath the recipe title that says "Printer-Friendly Version" and it will open up a window where you can print JUST the recipe.  How's that for simplicity and saving trees?  You could be like me and just drag your entire laptop over to the kitchen when you're cooking (yes, this may be somewhat dangerous...) but if you absolutely must print a recipe out, now you can use less paper and feel pretty good about taking small steps to saving the world.

The Printer-Friendly Version will be offered on recipes ongoing and bare with me as I back-convert the older recipes.  Since this is a manual process, please let me know if you come across one that isn't working as expected.

I hope this makes your experience on my site better and please leave a comment if you have other ideas on things you'd like to see!

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