Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Best of 2013: Blogger's Choice

Each year I do not only a Reader's Choice post but also a Blogger's Choice because sometimes I feel like there are some hidden gems that should not be missed!  To see previous year's Best of Lists, click on the Recap tag!

In no particular order, here are my Top 10 personal favorites from 2013:

1. Tomato Florentine Soup.  I'm a sucker for a good hot bowl of soup.  Especially when shrouded in bitter cold like most of us in the US have been lately.

2. Lasagna Soup.  Keeping with the soup theme for a moment.  This packs all the flavor and comfort of lasagna into an easy to make soup.  It'll warm you to the core and make for a happy tummy.

3. Bravo's Shrimp Florentine Pasta.  Who doesn't love a good copycat recipe?  Even if you're not familiar with this Italian chain restaurant, its light creamy lemon sauce will win you over upon first bite.

4. Bourbon Street Chicken.  Not at all authentic Chinese food and doesn't contain any bourbon but gosh is this one delicious!

5. Steak, Asparagus, and Chimichurri Pasta.  Is one of your New Year's Resolutions to eat healthier and maybe even go paleo?  This will fit the bill.  Regardless, give this recipe a try!

6. Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies.  I call them Candy Explosion Cookies.  These are the softest, most delicious cookies ever!

7. Brownie Pudding.  Everyone went back for seconds when it came to this rich, molten chocolate goodness.  When topped a la mode?  Heaven.

8. Honey Baked Sriracha Chicken Tenders.  You know a recipe is good when I need to drop everything and stay up after baby has slept in order to blog about it.  There's no added oil in these baked chicken tenders and they're incredibly crispy!  Plus, the sweet spicy flavor is baked right in.  Click the link to find out the secret!

9. Asparagus and Ham Stuffed Potatoes. Since it's made in the microwave, it makes it even easier to have everyone make it their own way!  Customize the fillings to fit your tastes but I must say it's delicious as written and would be a good way to use up the leftover Easter ham.

10. Hawaiian Roll Ham and Swiss Sliders.  Why it took me so long to make these I do not know.  Consider making them for your upcoming Superbowl Party.  Though, after a bite you'll wish you had made them all for yourself instead of sharing!  They're seriously addicting.  Don't way I didn't warn you.

BONUS!  Normally I ask my husband to pick a recipe to add to this list of favorites but undoubtedly he'd pick the Brownie Bottom Peanut Butter Cheesecake which already appears on the 2013 Reader's Choice List.  So, instead, I'm giving the honor of the bonus pick recipe to our son Alex.

Chewy Butterfinger Cookies.  Dubbed "Labor Cookies" by my friend as they were the last thing I baked before going into labor.  I can't say that they in fact induce labor but seems like Alex liked them enough to FINALLY make his arrival into the world (10 days late!).

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