Monday, February 22, 2010

My First Submission Was Accepted at Foodgawker!

Foodgawker is a website dedicated to bringing you the best food photos on the web.  Basically, it's a feast for your eyes!  The food on there looks so good you can almost taste and smell it from your screen.  Mmmm.  Good thing you really can't eat the food off your screen or you'd gain about a million pounds because everything looks so scrump-diddly-umptious.  I like looking at this site to be inspired by what others are making (I've found great food blogs and recipes this way!) as well as how they are making it look delicious through a meer picture.

Anyway, I was looking through the food photos that I had recently taken for Dinner Club and thought hmmm...this one actually looks pretty good in terms of overall composition and general lighting.  It did look a little muted for color though so I took the photo and did an auto correct filter using the software that comes with Windows.  Voila, it looked absolutely beautiful with a few quick fixes.

I submitted it to Foodgawker and just hoped for the best.  Their site said it would take up to 12 hours to hear back on whether or not the photo was accepted to be posted on our website.  I wasn't holding my was my first submission and I feel like having a photo posted on there is just an entirely new league in terms of food blogging.  Regulars on The Nest What's Cooking message board have even complained that their success rate is only as good as maybe 50%...and I envy their blogs and photos!

Low and behold I check my email this morning and MY PHOTO WAS ACCEPTED!!!  It probably helped that I felt pretty good about this particular photo to begin with.  If I submitted all of my stuff I'm sure this might be the only one that they would take lol.  Maybe a few others but I really doubt it.  It should be interesting to see whether being featured on their site homepage will bring any increased traffic to my website.  (Not that I make money from my blog or anything right now...Sig said I should look into it, though...).  If anything, this helps give me confidence in my little food blog here and inspires me to try to improve on my photo taking skills.  We do, after all, eat with our eyes first :).

So now....I present to you, my first ever submission to food gawker...accepted on my first try!  Go ahead, click here, it's okay to gawk ;)


Jes said...

CONGRATS! I've never heard of this site, it's great!

living_insanity said...

Congrats :)